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Episode 161 · 2 years ago

The Ska Show with Beefy, June 14th 2020 (Pod3)


**Special Weekend Home Edition** - Show Naming Rights Sponsorship Going Cheap!!!! Beefy has been feeling bad as The Ska Show with Beefy has been inundated with new tracks and the old gold seems to be missing out. So to make sure that The Ska Show with Beefy maintains the prestigious mantle of being the SECOND best Ska Podcast on the planet ( he decided to create a new show which should satisfy the needs of every Rude Boy and Rude Girl out there. Beefy is quickly making this little corner of the Ska Universe his very own as every week the World's (2nd) Greatest Ska Radio Show thus the new "Lucky Number Show" is born. We're going to select some classic ska albums, choose a number and play that track off each of them! It's as easy as that. For the first show Beefy is going big. Featuring Track #1 from the debut albums of these seminal bands:

  1. The Skatalites - Ska Authentic (1964)
  2. The Specials - The Specials (1979)
  3. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Devil's Night Out (1989)
  4. Area 7 - No Logic (1998)
  5. The Beat - I Just Can't Stop It (1980)
  6. Ska-P - Ska-P (1994)
  7. Reel Big Fish - Everything Sucks (1995)
  8. The Porkers - Grunt (1994)
  9. Prince Buster - I Feel The Spirit (1963)
  10. Madness - One Step Beyond (1979)

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Were you to love my blue. I Love Ya. Gott defines who I am as a person and I will never turn my back on Scott. Looking back, I have no regrets. You should never wait to play. We don't play. It's time to have a bit of a Skank and I think that I will in fact skank a ready can sugg anything to the Scott Show with BIF on every ISM. Thank you. Yes, welcome to the scar show. Would beef. It is the third scar pot of the week. Is a brand new style of scar show with beefy. What's happening is there is so many new releases and great new tunes about. I am find it so hard to get into the show some of the classics that you guys really,...

...really love. So I had a bit of a thought. Why not bring the classics back with a bit of a twist? What I'm going to do in this weekend scar pod is I'm going to choose ten classic albums from bends all over the planet. As usual, I'M gonna pick a number because this is the first show. It's going to be number one. This week. I'm going to play at number track off ten selected albums and we are going to have a little bit of fun. I'm going to squeeze as many classics in and some surprise choices to but rest assured, I'm going to travel all over the planet looking for these great, great tunes. Now, because this is the first show of this type, I'm going to grab ten of the most well known scar bands that I can. We're going to play track number one off their debut album. So basically this is the first recorded time that we ever heard from these seminal bands. So you can guess the bands. It's gonna be the specials, it's going to be real big fish, it's gonna be the mighty mighty boss tones, it's going to be the beat and it's going to be madness. I'm broadcasting from Melbourne, so there's going to be a couple of Australian bands in there too. First cab off the ranks it had to be the scatter lights ad of Jamaica. They were the creators of scar. The ten members of the skate lights in the late s early s Tommy McCook, Rowland, Alfonso Leicester, sterling, Lloyd Brevit, Lloyd neb Don, Drummond, Jack Henry Haynes, Jackie mid to Johnny Moore and Jackie Opal. Not sure anyone's alive. Perhaps Lester Sterling still going, but I'm not hundred percent sure. Their first album back in one thousand nine hundred and sixty four. I think it was recorded in sixty four but possibly not even released till sixty seven. It was called scar authentic and their first ever recorded tune was Lee Harvey Oswald brilling. They're still going strong the skirt lights in their various forms, but it's great to keep this old music alive. It is absolutely awesome and imperative that we keep their original tunes alive. A regular about twenty albums deep the scat lights, and that doesn't include some of their live albums. To the last official release was platinum SCA off island empire in at two thousand and sixteen so plays. If you're a scar fishing out of a scarf fan, check through the scatter lights back catalog. It is absolutely tremendous. Now from the creation of scat in Jamaica in the S and S, we're going to head across to England the late s over to Coventry. This is a band originally known as the Coventry Automatics. The change her name into the specials and obviously when we talk about scar and popular culture we do automatically think of the two tone label and bands like the specials and madness on the selector and people like that. Obviously, Jerry Damas, who was in the specials when they formed, he created the twotone label and the legacy lives on. Incredibly, the band really only ever had two albums in their heyday, the specials in one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine, and more specials in at one thousand nine hundred and eighty. There have been a lot of different incarnations along the way, but obviously in at two thousand and nineteen they released encore, which got to number one in the UK Chart, which is quite phenomenal. However, we're going to drop back to one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine, their first studio album. He was called the specials. He got to number four in the UK charts and the number one track off that album was a message to you, Rudy, future Tis right out. Problems, fooling around Tis right out. Think about future, Miss...

I'm messing around future problems. Do you now? He's back, so don't dry your dead block. Demon's wady streak. Turn all the bringing for Motherfucker, scream, burn this place down a face skateboard. That's from Boston.

The mighty mighty boss stones today create skinner punk. The definitely created scardcore. I reckon, but unbelievable. That is off Devil's night doubt from one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine, and yes, that was called Devil's night out. The van formed in one thousand nine hundred and eighty three. Dickie Barrett, Joe Gittleman, Tim Johnny Vegas, burden and Benk. They're the only original members left, along with nate Aal but Tim Bridewell and Josh El Zimmer on the drums. Devil's my act didn't quite chart in the US and it's quite amazing. It's got ten tracks and it only goes twenty five minutes. I don't think any song on the album is longer than three minutes, apart from a little bit ugly right at the end. There those short, fast, sweet sounds of scatter cord, brilliant. Before the mighty mighty bosstones we heard the specials. A message to you, Rudy. That was the number one track up their debut album. The specials in fact every two and I'm going to be playing is the number one track of every band's debut album. Now a message to you, rudy by. The special got to number ten in the UK chairs way back in one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine. Going to stick a bit closer to home now. We're not original home for me, but Melbourne now area seven, scarp punk band, formed in one thousand nine hundred and ninety four. They've had for studio albums out. No logic was their debut album. Little bit of conjecture here because it was an original release on moon scale records in one thousand nine hundred and ninety five. But I'm rapido. In one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight, the more wellknown version was out, and I'm going to take no logic off the one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight version. This is an absolute belter from Melbourne Scar punkers, area seven. A big shout out to Stevo from the band and all the other lads. This is area seven's no logic the leather ago these days stand we're looking the other it makes no sense, no reason behind it, try to find it, meet into life and if you do a good and strive, will you are fighting behind the ball or outside when the champers play, things will change. I didn't know. No reason behind it. Reason it seems like like this be good to me. He shot out of things. I say would think about it. It makes no sense. So problems with your fast. The only thing that it does to me.

That is no reason behind it. Describe how you just think about it. No reason, reason behind it. Please don't break. Don't love you. Gotta take you to a restaurants got glass tables. You can watch yourself while you are in the bathroom. I just can't stop it. Beside today you see me in the shopping I know, just in the rights and shall the lives of flex in to my own street, in the bathroom, in the bathroom, mirror in the bathroom, in the bathroom, for all my primes of self. Cus You whisper, make nonsense, drif gently into menthroom. Please start break the Dore is love, just you and me. Can I take it to a restaurant? This guy, guy's tables. You can watch yourself while you are brilliant. Mirror in the bathroom. The beat or the English beat or the British beach. Wherever you're in the world you may know them by a different terms. Their debut album was called I just can't stop... And, as if you guys didn't know, that was mirror in the bathroom. That got to number four in the UK chats. I'm pretty sure that was their highest charting single. I could be wrong and probably need to look this up, didn't they formed in Birmingham in one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight. Dave Wakeling, ranking Roger, Andycox, David Steel, Everett more than a Saxa on. Guess what, the saxophone. It is a brilliant, brilliant album. Or just can't stop it. If you haven't got it, then you do need to check it out. Obviously, over in the states, day wakeling still going strong with the English beat and with the untimely passing of ranking Roger, I think ranking junior is possibly going to keep the beats legacy going on over in the UK, but we shall wait for that. It's going to take us a long time to get over ranking Rogers passing, but their legacy will definitely live on. In fact, the music so good it has to live on before the beat off. I just can't stop it. We heard area seven off, no logic, and guess what? We heard no logic. We're going to go off on a little tangent now. We're going to go over to Madrid in Spain. is a bank called Scarp P over there. They are absolutely huge in the Spanish speaking world and I thought I definitely had to include her in this special edition of the scar show. would be fee. The guys formed in one thousand nine hundred and ninety four. They definitely invoke the old scar image. They're definitely anti establishment of a reputation in Spain of being a bit on the Aiter, but if you ever see footage of their gigs, they play in front of thousands, tens of thosands even hundreds of theirs and people. They are absolutely huge. They release their debut self title of and, back in one thousand nine hundred and ninety four. The number one track off that album is called lambre Razaka Bay a scar, and I'm pretty sure that might mean the hungover man dances the scar. It's an absolute cracking track. This is Scarpi Adam Madrid in Spain, in the will I I had to include them out of..., canny California, real big fish. The debut album from one thousand nine hundred and ninety five was called everything sucks and the number one trek was called I'm cool. They formed in one thousand nine hundred and ninety one when they were all in high school, and Aaron Barrett is the only original member left. They're still playing gig after GIG after Gig. Even put out a new album not that long ago. One of the best live bands you will see and I'm sure everyone listening to show has seen them at least once before. The real big fish boys was scarp Dam Madrid in Spain, lambre Razaka by a scar. The hungover man dancies to scar. I hope my basic Spanish has got that right. You are listening to a special edition of the scar show with me, beefy. Our normal show is broadcast live in Melbourne on a Tuesday night, but there are two podcasts a week and now there's going to be three. I do split them up into one. Our podcasts I cover everything from the old stuff to the new stuff to the album tracks, but fortunately there is so many new releases going on right now I'm struggling to get the old stuff in. So the idea of this third sky part of the week has come about, where I'm going to pick a number we're going to play that number track off a whole range of scar and Ska punk albums from all over the planet. And if you guys want to join in, please send me a request of albums I should be planning. If you do, jump on the face of page, just look up the scar show would be for. You will find it. I am always keen to hear from you guys, and this show is going to be driven by you. So please send me a suggestions and I will squeeze them in. And if you've got a lucky number you want me to do, whoever's first cab off...

...the rank, I'll get it done. So please expect this pod to be out every Sunday, following on from the Wednesday and Friday pods and the live show on a Tuesday night. Let's keep to the Australian theme now. What are the bands that have been able to take Australian scar around the world? Are The porkers. They're from Newcastle in New South Wales. They formed way back in one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven, they were called the pork hunts, and I say that very, very slowly, and they ended up having to change their name because venue promoters were refusing to book them. So in one thousand nine hundred and ninety they ended up changing the name to the porkers, which they still hold true today. A big, big shout out to Pete Poker. That just took part in the online Supernova scar festival. So they are still going strong. I'm pretty sure they got some new music sitting there waiting to be released, or waiting to be finished at least. But we're going to go way back to one thousand nine hundred and ninety four. Their debut album was called grunt and the track at the top of the listings he's cold going off. When you're born, you can get out sound some kind of bad man. He was always late, but make good your press a good true feel the spirit wait inside of me, so I sing...

...a glory Allelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Allelujah, Halleluia. It's I'll be coming, I'll be coming, I'll be coming as fast Asia. Allelu Hallelujah, Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia. Yes, the soul garb for rice on the to be careful all you. Alleluia, Allelu Halleluia Spirit, Alleluia. Cecil Buster Mente Gamball, otherwise known as Prince Buster. He was born on Orange Street, Kingston, Jamaica. He was the godfather of scar. Everything that Prince Buster put out in the s was the forerunner to what we know is scar today. It also shaped the course of the Jamaican culture and their music, and I can't tell you how many covers of his back catalog are out there. It is absolutely phenomenal. His debut album is called I feel the spirit. It was released in one thousand nine hundred and sixty three and that was the title track off I feel the spirit. I'm not sure anyone has ever done a complete discography of prince buster. It is just absolutely phenomenal being made of work he got through before Prince Buster. We went up to Newcastle in New South Wales, in Australia, one of the more wellknown scar bands around the world of porkers. That was off. Their debut album gun from one thousand nine hundred and ninety four. It was...

...called going off now talked about bands doing covers of Prince Buster's tunes. Not only did this band do covers of prince buster tunes, but their first single was a tribute to Prince Buster. was called the prince the band, of course, is called madness. Their debut album, unbelievably, was titled One step beyond, a prince buster tune, and the track I'm going to play is the title track from the album one step beyond. I'm actually gonna have to do a bit of research and find out how many madness tunes are actually prince buster covers. That is going to be very, very interesting. This is going to be the last track off this special edition of the scar show with beefee. The weekend addition is going to be ten tracks off ten varying albums. We're going to pick a number, we're going to play that number track off each of the ten albums and I really think this is going to be a lot of fun as we move through a lot of bands back catalogs. There's going to be a load of surprises out there as well, because if we're just picking random numbers, you never know what we might come across. I'm going to be back with the live show at late on Tuesday night in at Melbourne, which I think is kind of mid afternoon in the UK and early this morning in the US of a. The SCAR PODS will be out on Wednesday and Friday and now on a Sunday. Please check out the facebook page. Give us a big lick. We're nearly up to the magical one thousand likes. A please, please, please, give us a big lick and get us to that magical figure. Semi some suggestions for classic albums, or any album actually. It would be good to get a wide cross section. I'm going to finish off this debut edition of the special scar show with beefy with madness. Their debut released from one thousand nine seventy nine. It is called one step beyond. This was the scar show with me, beefye. Have a great and safe week, everybody. Hey, you don't watch starts, watch this. This is the heavy, heavy mugs the south. The nutzis sound around. So if you've come in off the street and you're beginning to feel the heat, well, listen for stuff. You better start to move your feet to the rockiness, rock steady. Be a madness won't step. Hey, there beefy. Hey, rob, do you have...

...nothing to do all the time? Yes, I've got nothing to do all the time, rob. Well, guess what? I've found something that you can do with your nothing time. Well's that, rob. Listen to a great podcast called three hundred and sixty five days of sport. Right, it stars you and me. Oh Wow, so other people can listen to it besides the people who are on it? Yeah, if you want, get it. Whatever you get your podcast from. Well, spotify to three hundred and sixty five days of sport. It's the podcast you never knew you wanted to listen to.

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