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Episode 164 · 2 years ago

The Ska Show with Beefy, June 21st 2020 (Pod3)


**Special Weekend Home Edition** - Show Naming Rights Sponsorship Going Cheap!!!! Beefy has been feeling bad as The Ska Show with Beefy has been inundated with new tracks and the old gold seems to be missing out. So to make sure that The Ska Show with Beefy maintains the prestigious mantle of being the SECOND best Ska Podcast on the planet ( he decided to create a new show which should satisfy the needs of every Rude Boy and Rude Girl out there. Beefy is quickly making this little corner of the Ska Universe his very own as every week the World's (2nd) Greatest Ska Radio Show thus the new "Lucky Number Ska Show" is born. Let's all select some classic ska albums, roll the dice and play that number track off each of them! It's as easy as that. The second show, Beefy rolled a 3, so all the tracks are the #3 from the albums of these great performers:

  1. Strange Tenants - Bluebeat Party (1984)
  2. The Slackers - Wasted Days (2001)
  3. Rhoda Dakar - Rhoda Dakar Sings The Bodysnatchers (2015)
  4. Dr. Ring Ding (& The Senior Allstars) - Dandimite (1995)
  5. Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra - Perfect Future (2008)
  6. The Selecter - Too Much Pressure (1980)
  7. Save Ferris - It Means Everything (1997)
  8. The Resignators - Down In Flames (2013)
  9. The Dualers - Palm Trees and 80 Degrees (2019)
  10. Toots & The Maytals - Funky Kingston (1972)

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Any moment now. That's got to be well to love my blue I love Scott. Finds who I am as a person and I will never turn my back on Scott. Looking back, I have no regrets. You should never wait to play. It's time to have a bit of a Skank, and I think that I will in fact skank. Hi, my name is Rite Doka, and you'll listen to the scar show with Beffy, the boss time, all these things. I gonna Stop Your Life before you get bay. You've got a date. I'm rather test is waiting for you. It's the weekend and that can only mean one thing. Yes, it's the lucky number scar show with beefy. Yes, it's the album addition, where I basically pick ten classics scar albums from all over the world. Roller dies on. I'll play that number track off that album. This is something I launched last weekend and the numbers have been great. So this will be the third scar pod of the week. The live show goes out on a Tuesday night in Australia and then the podcasts are out Wednesdays and Friday. So I hope you're all enjoying them and I've just got to thank everyone for joining me on the...

...scar show with beefy each and every week. It is my absolute pleasure to bring you the best scar tune from anywhere I can find them. And because we've all been in ISO, a lot of bands have been very, very busy. So the new releases have been thick and fast and they were starting to fill up the show and I wasn't getting enough time to play the old classics. So hence the lucky number scar show with beefy was born. I don't actually track down a twelve sided dice from somebody in dungeons and dragons world and I rolled that die earlier. Number three came up. So I'm going to play at track number three off ten of the selected albums. It will be a blast. I'm going to play some tricks you may not have heard before and a lot of tracks that don't get too much air played. We kicked off the show with the godfathers of Australian Scar, the strange tenants themselves, at a right here in Melbourne. A big shout out to Bruce and he and hearn, the brothers that formed the band. They are still going strong. They are celebrating forty years as a band together. They got together in one thousand nine hundred and eighty their first release was in one thousand nine hundred eighty one, but that track Saturday night, that was from their second release in one thousand nine hundred and eighty four, blue beat party, and I can joyfully say that they're still releasing new music. That put out a new album, militant style, a couple of years ago and they are planning more gigs once all this ISO stuff is cleared up. Right. Let's quickly move on to the second album. This was a request very early. I want to put out the concept for the lucky number album show, and the slackers from New York City were one of the first bands that got nominated. So I've chosen wasted days from two thousand and fifteen. These guys formed in New York in one thousand nine hundred and ninety one. Track three of the album is called fifteen. I remember those things you said. I'm so long ago I can dream before, when it is used to come and things I seen. Things I see, just the things I see. Just wait you when you come from school and Wot Your Day. Things you'll live away play grounds, I see in your eyes, but I'm so long ago. I see things I seen so long. Wait to see your little face inside the... it's just the place. As I walked through the cold streets of London, I remember how days this is, the cold time, Bren no sun and no st the happy time. Remember when I sunshine. Remember when? I remember everything I spent in give you Merca. I stayed with my family. We play dead on the suffering ground with you. MEM from the trees, the happy time. Remember when. Remember, yes, I remember everything, away from street people. Sh No, no, she's on em. You should not. She introduced this pod. Yet Rhoda Deca from the body snatches there was off the two thousand and fifteen album. Rhoda DECA sings the body snatches, track number three, as is our recurring themed on today's show, happy time tune. That is a one thousand nine hundred and eighty body...

...snatches original. The body snatches themselves. And he made two releases. And Roda, even though she did a duet with Terry Hall on the specials, more specials. That was I can't stand it, got involved with the Special Aka with Jerry Dammers, did a solo album in two thousand and seven, but that's kind of about it until this two thousand and fifteen release, and it's an absolute cracker. Please get it. It is called Rhoda. Decca sings. The body snatches before under Decca. Add A, New York City. The slackers off their wasted days two thousand and one album. That was track three. It was called fifteen. Now the slackers other notable tracks off wasted days are wasted days and information error. They basically made the New York scar sound their very own. Their fifteen albums deep nowadays and they've got a European tour schedule for October. Nobody's quite sure whether that's gonna go ahead, but it looks like they return in two gigs fairly short in the UK. So you never know, the slackers may get over to Europe yet. Talking about Europe, let's go to Germany. Dr Ringding. He has been around a long, long time. He just celebrated his fifty birthday last month. He's from Munster in and at Germany's been in a few different bands, but I'm going to pick doctor ringding and the senior all stars. This is from one thousand nine hundred and ninety five. The album's called Dandemite. Track number three just suits me, big man. Oh the WEAS, how are they? Won't the Big Man? Oh young girls, now a these won't the big UN. No slip, water, the wind, no smile. One can get you shame in the summer. No weak one. Make your heart surrender. There's nothing wrong with me. No, don't you mass round with me because I'm a big UN. Don't you lie after me because I'm a big UN. All My sweethearts, I want you to see I'm just filled the way had to be. So don't another my master around with me his days. I got done too soon. Women now won't be gone. Oh younger now, these won't be gone in the summer. Your heart render. There's nothing wrong with me. Oh, no, never you laugh. I'll...

...become all the girls and women play all I'm Mr Caesar. Wanted to hold and become around yes, all around the world of people. Damn, will become johnny w a big mom, the all the girls, all the girl if they love big about thing. Oh yesterday, as a good job for just right swing from UN cheeses shure and you alive. A gripe that got get shoot and Tokyo Scar Paradise Orchestra there. That track was called punch and...

...sway. It's off the two thousand and eight release called perfect future. That's actually one of the only kind of Tokyo Scar Paradise Orchestra Albums I've gotten. It's got pride of lines on it, which is, I think, my favorite Tokyo Scarp Paradise Orchestra tune. These guys been together since nine eighty eight hundred twenty three albums they've done, and just this year treasures came here, which is kind of a best of double CD. It is brilliant. Please get it. But Tokyo Scarp Paradise Ordator. Hopefully we will see him in Australia sooner rather than later. Can you believe even from one thousand nine eighty eight, six out of their nine current members are original and considering two of those have died, then that is quite amazing. Before Tokyo Scar Parados Orchestra we had from Dr Ringding. Happy Birthday, sir, fifty years old. Great achievement. That was big man off his dandy might. Nine teen ninety five album you are listening to. The scar show would be for the weekend. Addition, the lucky number album show thanks for joining me, wherever you are, as always. If you've got any suggestions of what albums I need to put in this show, check us out on the facebook page. Just look up the scar show with beefy. I'm sure you will find us. We are very, very nearly there to the thousand likes, thanks to everyone that has liked the page recently. There's a load more followers than there are likers, so please give us a big lick and show your love and support. As I mentioned early in here, getting three pods a week, Wednesday, Friday and now on Sunday, and the only reason I do it is because I love the music, you love the music and we're all here to share the gospel of scar and two shows just wasn't enough. So the big beef fan he's giving you a weekend show featuring some of the best scar bands from all four corners of the globe. Okay, let's head back to England, one of the seminal bands of the tutoe movement. In fact, their very first single was the flip side of the twotone labels very first single, gangsters by the specials. But if you turn it over it's got the selector by the selector. A massive shade out to pauline black and gaps Henderson. The still going strong there, still one of the best live bands you will ever see. I'm going to take you back to their debut album. Too much pressure. This was from one thousand nine hundred and eighty, track number three. They make me mad, s but since I never did, made... keep it everything they said. Wi Fine, going away. I'm tired. You're leasing in the time. She feels say shake my and I'm crying off my knees. I'm gonna teach myself last just the other day to get a dret corner of my eye when he stopped me. Look, you jumped down. Then I saw that man in his flash too and cattle. The next night I went on a day running. I reckon not stop alone. He far we were. I blow shy, our double play, our female...

...fronted skangsters. There that was money. Pul and save fairis. That was off their debut album. It means everything. Jane album eventually went platinum. That's how big these guys were in the late s. It was one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven. A tract number three off that album was called super spy. They're out of Orange County California. The band went into hiatus. Are caught a whalley. Had A few legal issues to sort out, but I'm pleased to say manique is now and about going strong recording new material. The original band was put together in one thousand nine hundred and ninety five and considering where we are now, twenty five years later, this will probably shock you. They have only recorded two albums and to EPS that's just blow my mind when I look that up today. I think we're all hoping that manique and the rest of the band can get down to Australia sooner rather than later. It will be great to see them before say Ferris. We heard the selector of their debutbum from one thousand nine hundred and eighty two much pressure. This was a band that mirrored the kind of rise and popularity and subsequent very quick fall of the specials did. They were only around eighteen months. Two years as well, and another band that had a few legal issues and are calling black took control of all the selectors dealings, and what a great job she's done. They are from Coventry as well and they released daylight in two thousand and seventeen, their fifteen studio album, and any time you get a chance to see the selector, please get along and Salem. You will not be disappointed. Going to stay a bit more local now. This is a band that's probably the hardest working band in Australia. They play live week in week out with their own brand of Punkin fuse scar. Their members are from all over the state of Victoria. They're called the resonators. This is an album they put out in two thousand and s called down in flames. Track number three, because we're only playing track number three, is off these albums. This is called summer girl, smile. The destination gonna get some relaxation. Look at now. It's a new sensation, kicking back with the regaation. He's a variation. First formation, just a little floodation. It's a new creation, just a little why the street dancing a way to Reggaeb...

...want to move it to the you. It's a big temptation. Sing it out now to the population. It's a revelation. His variety, nation and the destination gonna get some relaxation. Look at now. It's new sensation, keeping back with the nation. Just a little while the street dancing a way to reggae. Want to move into the and just you. We need to don't believe the days when you lost and ities and you don't know get your ways to turn. Keep on your bed, because you never but you are to learn, sad to yourself. Don't get lost on a shell. With all that, you've got a drink, so open your eyes, realize what's in run of you. You are is at your kids is far the is a wonderful life. Don't let this sun down on you. It is so wonderful life. Leave you worried and your kids far beyond. It's a wonderful you. Don't let the sun down on you. It's a wonderful life,...

...but don't you look back. Don't get caught in the trap. Gotta keep on with the smile on your face. I know that you can go wrong. You work on a time when it's your time to shine and you got to keep a pushing through. Now it's the moment and time ain't gonna wait for you. As on your kids as far beyond, it's a wonderful life. Don't let the sun go down on you. It's a wonderful life, so leave your worries and your kids far beyond. It a wonderful life. No, don't let the sun go down all you. It's a wonderful life, and so keep looking it up. It's all been set up. Is Forty. I can't see. I know we're never to lead to be who you wanna be. So just look around, keep your feet on the ground and stand up in enjoy the right to keep it together, whatever the weather. Maybe. So if you are in your kids far beyond, it's a wonderful life and don't let the sun down all you. It's a wonderful so leave your wires and your kids far. It's a wonderful life. No, don't let the sun low down on you. It's a wonderful it's wonders. Example, yeah, how good is it? One of my favorite scar bands that come out of the UK and the last few years. In fact, they've been around quite a while, but they've really made it big quite recently. They called the jewelers. They were formed by the brothers side and Tiber Crenston. Their album palm trees and ad degrees, which I took that it's a wonderful life track off. It is number three on the album that got to number eleven in the UK album chats, not the alternative, not the reggae chats, the full on UK album chats. What a brilliant, brilliant achievement. There are another band that do their talking live. One of the best live shows you will ever see. Apparently they are from southeast London. They were buskers. They really were buskers. It is reported they sold approximately thirty five thousand copies of their first two albums on the streets while they were busking. That is just phenomenal. In two thousand and four they jumped into the singles charts number twenty three, kiss on the lips and it kind of kicked off from there. But that's another band. We want to see Danny in Australia one day, but if you check out their facebook page, we all know there's no real gigs confirmed. If you check out their schedule,... is phenomenal. It will be a struggle to get those guys down to Australia but we will do very best. They talking to facebook pages. Please check out this car show with beefies facebook page. Give us a big like. If you're in a band, please send me a musing or try and get it on the live show. How all the podcast systems work now, no matter what platform you're listening to this on, please rate and review the show. Just give us the five star treatment. Leave a little bit reviewed and just tell everyone this is the second best scar show on the planet. I've heard a few times before and I'm glad people think that of the show. Before the jewelers, we heard the resonators. They are from Victoria in Australia. They're two thousand and thirteen album down in flames. Those guys are fifteen years down for albums in and a whole host more to go. They should have been in Canada last month but unfortunately couldn't go, so no DOUNBT, Francis and Steve are planning next year's tours. Big shared out to all the rest of the band members. Hope you are staying safe and, with the new restrictions in Victoria, stay indoors. Wash those hands. The live show will be back on Tuesday night in Melbourne. You can get it online on sudden fmcom Daday you. It kicks off at midnight on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, but the first hour of the show will be put into a podcast. It comes out on a Wednesday the second hour on Friday. If you have any requests or just want to shout out, please send us some message through the Faceook page and I do my best to get it on the air. We have quickly come to the end of the lucky number scar show with beefy, the new album show I'm going to put out every Sunday. I love hearing the tunes we don't often get to hear. Absolutely great. Now one band that was meant to be here in Australia in January but we had the bush fires. We've had bush fires, we've had floods, now we've got pandemics. So this band. Hopefully we'll get back to oust earlier sometime. These are Jamaica's finest. This is from way back in one thousand nine hundred and seventy two twos and the maytels their seminal album funky Kingston. Can you believe this band is a thirty one number ones in Jamaica? That is an alltime record. They've got a new album coming out on August, to twenty eight, that is are twenty four studio album. They were formed in one thousand nine hundred and sixty two and Kingston, Jamaica. They're still going strong. They were also recognized as inventing the term reggae. Now, isn't that something to hold your how on, a massive shared out to toots hibid. Hope you're doing well, Fella. This is the number three track of funky Kingston. It is called Louis Lou where? HMM HMM. I need you. So I've been beefy. This has been the lucky number scar show with beefy. I'll be back with the live show Tuesday night. Otherwise than that, I'll see you on Wednesday's podcast. As always, stay safe, stay clean, stay indoors if you can, but most of all, be excellent to one another. No one, no, no, okay,...

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